Recruitment Process

Each client has different requirements and we are therefore bendable in adapting our approach to meet their needs. In broad, the modus operandi includes the following stages:

Defining your Company
We will work closely with you in order to gain a clear understanding of your organization, its organizational structure, short and long term goals, sector position (including markets and competition), the position and the required skills & qualifications of the profiles sought.

Defining the Role
We will prepare the job requirements on the basis of job descriptions that is provided by you to begin the interview process.

Candidate Identification
Potential candidates will be identified and researched using the expertise of our database,online sourcing & referral network.

Candidate Evaluation
Candidates, during the course of search, will be evaluated in line with the clients’ requirements.

Candidate Sourcing
The profile of potential candidate will be prepared & shared with you for your reference. Upon confirmation, we will schedule the candidate’s interview with you.

We will guide and lead the candidate throughout the interview process. Maintaining a close contact with you and the potential candidate at all times.

Strategy Review
We will hold regular review sessions with you in order to assess the progress of the ongoing project.

Post appointment, we will maintain contact with both you and the candidate to help ensure the candidate’s successful integration into your organization.

Recruitment Process